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Difficulty in selling MKII 172s

Afternoon all !

I was just wondering how many of you who have tried to sell your MKII 172s have actually managed to do so or how many of you know people who have managed to sell them ? I am not looking to sell mine as I am very happy with it but when the time comes when I might sell then I was thinking how hard would it be to actually sell it. I did try and sell it a few months ago and did not get much interest.

Most of the people on the boards seem to have only been able to get rid of them via part-ex, not actual cash ?


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well I bought my 2002 MKII 172 with 5600 miles on the clock for £9000

I dont think they generate as much interest as their looks are very subtle compared to a standard Clio.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Ill let Geoff_clio172 tell you how much he got for his part ex...but it has been a very cheap years motoring for him!!!
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I think once the MK2 goes out of production and you cant buy them on import anymore then 2nd hand interest will increase.


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Quote: Originally posted by Daipac on 20 January 2003

That is WELL cheap !
I know !!.

Got it from a guy of this forum, had to fly down to london to pick it up..

I thought to myself, there is bound to be something wrong ! something major.. but NO

aside from a little kerbing of alloys the car is MINTED ! its the best buy I have ever made... Plus when I come to sell it I wont have lost a lot of £ through depreciation