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Dirty Arse End

  Bumder With A Buffer
Anyone else find that the arse end of a Clio is near impossible to keep clean??

Im probably the only one at work who cares about my car..wash it weekly etc etc.

But come Wednesday the arse end is covered in dirt and generally looks s**t! :(

Other cars here in the car-park are not as dirty as mine :(

I do drive down mainly back roads on the way here though so its expected but I ALWAYS see other hatchbacks on the way to work and the arse of them are no way as bad as the Clio gets...Aerodynamics??
  Titanium 182
Thread about something similar the other day, the air is kinda pushed up as it gets to the back of the car along with any bits of dust/dirt/spray which coats the back of the car.

As said the faster you drive the muckier it becomes.
Should have bought a silver car :rasp:
  Chelsea tractor
Isn't the dirt from an aero eddy that forms behind the car when it is moving? Faster you go, the more crap is circulated in a low pressure vortex behind the car.
  Bumder With A Buffer
Thing is as Aluco said I dont notice it on my old dears silver MG. that hardly ever gets really dirty

Guy at work as a blue BMW 330 I think and that always looks nicer then mine and he NEVER washes it! :(
  Chelsea tractor
Look on the back of massive 4x4's and the flatter backed cars (ie. hatchbacks/estates); they will tend to be more dirty.
  Bumder With A Buffer
Aye that is correct..I just wondered if it pisses anyone else off?? :(

Need to protect mine actually...couple of layers of 476 as im lazy :)
  Audi A4 1.8T Sport
mud flaps?

helped loads back when i was young and had a hatchback. i live in the middle of the sticks, so cant get anywhere without going thru a farm or two


ClioSport Club Member
Its nearly winter get used to it..... Not having a detailing habit has its perks like not spending every other day cleaning my car in winter :)
  Bumder With A Buffer
I don't want to get used to it I want a clean car like all the others I see! :(

maybe they are cleaning freaks actually.....I doubt it though :(
  Red 197 & Laguna S-T
The boot lid on my 197 gets dirty after5 mins of driving, straight after i wash it. Drives me mad!
  120d M Sport
Just a thought Richy, if it bothers you enough maybe try just sealing and not waxing after. Supposedly waxed finishes can attract dust?

About 2 and a half weeks ago I spent the day on my girlfriends dark blue 206 and sealed that with EX-P, its stayed very clean since.
  Bumder With A Buffer

Really driving me mad at the moment. Cleaned the car last weekend and drove 2 miles fo local tesco's and it was filthy on the back :(

Today me and my missus went out in her Fiesta in the floods and down shitty muddy back crap on the back end at all!

Surely its to do with aerodynamics?? On the way home the other day I could wipe my rear window and 2 seconds later it was filthy said today my missus car had none of that and it was raining like fcuk and dirty/badly flooded roads! :(
  White ds3
yup mine gets realy dirty even when th reat of the car is clean its more like dust.

iv also got black wheels so they get stinking too lol
  Bumder With A Buffer
My Amphasite wheels are shocking :(

Im going to experiment with using a sealent wax (britemax stuff) on the back end to see what happens.
  Looking for 182
Bit of a thread bump here, but I also notice that my 182 gets filthy at the back very quickly. I've only had it a few weeks so in a weird way it's nice to see that others share my pain :p


  Abarth 500
Yeah looks weird, the front is relatively clean but when you get to the back it's filthy!
  E36 Coupe & Mk4 Golf
My 1.2 is like this after a quick drive to shops and back and the back is covered. Its quite low at the back aswell