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ditching spare wheel

  mk2 172

has anyone done it on a mk1 clio, and whats required to lose it?. i take it you can get rid of the cage that holds it?



Yes if you drop the cage and remove the wheel you can unhook the back end of the cage. its a bit of a fiddle but easily done - particularly if you can put the car on a ramp or you have a pit

I know as within 24 hrs of getting my clio I sheared the retaining bolt and had to take the cage of so it didnt drag on the road.

Had mine out a year now. Its so easy to take out. i didnt even jack the car up!!
Do it with your eyes shut mate, more of a chalange then!
  BMW 320d Sport

Ive had no spare wheel for ages now. Haveng got round to taking the cage off, mainly cos I havent got room for it really.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

oh yea, the cage, lol, ive took mine out but i forgot about the cage, itll have to go

Couple of cans of "get you home foam" from Halfords and membership of a breakdown organisation solves the flat problem....!

  CTR EK9 turbo

That get you home foam really pisses off the tyre blokeys apparently! makes a mess of the wheel inside. Not that it matters tho!!?
  Skoda Fabia vRS

just in case what ?

if you dont have a spare wheel in it then i dont see the point

unless your carryin small afghan refugees in it