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DIY Lowering

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Anyboby lowered their cars themselves ?

I am handy with a set of spanners and a hammer but do I need a spring compressor to get the old springs off my Mk2 172 ?



heat em up with a blow torch lol

no fred dynamic knows how to do it im going to do mine soon

wanna help?

could do both at once?

Hi I have lowered cars before and will be lowering mine early next year... Its pritty easy and yes you need spring compressers or be at risk of taking your head off when you take the nut off lol!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Cheers Steve, I maybe buying some lowering springs and would like to do them myself so I can produce a write up for the club.

Tom I am going to invest in a set of spring compressors mate so if you want we can have a go. Cant do any damage but you car might end up on the deck but yes I have all the tools so you are welcome to come round and Ill give you a hand with it.

The reason I am lowering it is for less roll into the corners.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I have just found out a set of spring compressors are £19 so let me know when you want to slam it..

Whats the best make of springs I can get for handling?? This is for a 1.2 16v I only want a 30-40mm drop have you got a company that sells them???

Yeah they are only cheap... you wait till you compress the springs with them and take the nut off!!!! your be thinking....hmmmm what if they snapped


Have you gone hands on crazy this month?! lol ;)

Good luck to anyone wishing to lower their car by themselves... thats got to be a jobnhalf!!! Ivan, let me know when your ready to do my stage 2 head and turbo conversion .... :D
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Steve yep I know what you mean mate, ping as the compressors slip off.

Demon Tweaks are good for springs. and hill power do them and so does Carnoseur (We get a discount at that place)

Tom Nah dont worry mate I have just remembered my sisters boyfirend has got a set so I dont even need to buy them.



i shouldnt tell you this but i had a spring hit me when i lowered the bmw

my mate was doing it it hit me in the back (1 broken rib ouch)

so bee so so careful
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

J, yerr I like to get my hands dirty and know I have done a job myself and not let the monkey boys at renault etc loose on my car, but they still have to service it worse luck.

BTW have you had to fill the tank up yet as more air comes out ?

1 Turbo comming up - You going for the lower pressure turbo or high - with/without nitrous and what about the cams, exhaust and induction system

Tom yerr I dont rellish the thought of a spring in the eye or anywhere else come to think of it !

tank is fine, not had to top it up as of yet, ill have another look at lunch time... i think its fine to be truthful mate... :)

dont forget to post about the rolling road m8 ;)
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Yerr I am just getting the final day agreed with Aaron. Looks like it is going to be cheaper depending on numbers as well.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Yerr so Ella says ;)

If I do a set I will take some pictures and produce a writeup for site.

Just waiting for WallisJ to answer his PM. Anyone got his mobi number or mail address. Please PM me if you have !

Its not that hard rockport, just a matter of taking suspension off changing spring then putting it back on again. Its just a few nuts etc and it comes lose.. The rear is even easier!

interesting, i recently invested in MATBROWNs adj spax, however i dont know how confident id feel hitting bends at 60mph knowing i fitted the suspension myself :confused:



Quote: Originally posted by rockport on 02 December 2002

interesting, i recently invested in MATBROWNs adj spax, however i dont know how confident id feel hitting bends at 60mph knowing i fitted the suspension myself :confused:
nah 90mph mate ;)



Quote: Originally posted by william shakespeare on 02 December 1438

Low is never low enough

Fast is never fast enough

if thou fitteth springs by thy self satisfaction will be greater than letting the local monkey doth fitteth them

see even good ol will did his him self

Its easy rockport.... common sense.... Remember that shape thing we all played with when we were babies.... you know with the triangles and circles... imagine thats your car when fitting shocks thats what I do lol