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DIY Polishing & Headlight Tint

Hi everyone, I own a CLIO IV RS 200 CUP and would like to know a few things.

1) My car is about 4 years old and I have never done any detailing to it. It has just always been wash and rinse. Couple days ago I have debadged and I notice ghosting where the paint under the badge is newer than current paint. I think the car paint is abit oxidized and maybe need a polish to fix the ghosting. - Without much experience/knowledge should I wash, rinse, dry, clay bar, then use car polish on a orbital machine? When using polish will it damage the paint or remove some clear coat in any way? Would appreciate if someone could list the right steps on doing it with minimal effects as I don’t want to damage or remove any paint/clear if possible?

2) Now for tail light tinting I want a really light shade kind of black tint just to make it have a subtle clean look, nothing too dark or heavy. Was wondering is there any tints that is around 90-95%? Anyone recommend me some good tints?