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diy wheel refurb?

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So i bought a set of 182 wheels with tyres for 125 quid And they are pretty scuffed my intial idea was to use them as winter wheels plus spares in case i have a puncture or something.
but i was just going to throw them on and see how it is but I am thinking about refurbing them first I am not sure on what colour to do though, but what would i need to do this and would it be a particular hard thing to do or a time consuming thing to do?
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Loads of guides on the forum mate. Not difficult from what i've read just make sure to take your time on your prep work. After that its just couples coats primer, your decided colour and then 3-4 coats lacquer is what im seeing on average. Everyones different

I'm just about to have first go too but will be using air compressor, trying to find out if need certain paints or not because of that
I found refurbing 182 wheels a right pain the arse due to the amount of sanding in all the nooks and crannies of the design, got them powdered coated for £80 a set in the end
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Depends what you are wanting from the refurb.... Sounds like you dont want them to be perfect finish show wheels, all you need is some sandpaper to key the surface up and then get rattle canning in that case! I did a set of speedlines Comp 2's on my old rallye as I wanted them white while my steelies got powder coated OEM white and my 205 speedlines were getting new rubber fitted. Took about an hour and 6 cans of "Hammerite smooth white" but they came up nice in the end. Hammerite is hard setting stuff stood up to the winter abuse these wheels got!!


Love a budget tyre!!

And mask off the valve...I forgot! ;) haha

Fitted to the car.

You can see the finish isnt perfect but it did a good job at a cheap DIY refurb.
Plenty of guides and other threads about it on here. Try the guides section or performing a search.
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