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***DO NOT RUN YOUR CLIP APPLICATION*** read this first - The 31/12/20 problem - semi solution


ClioSport Club Member
Hi all,

After a nice f**k you EML from the Clio I've dragged the old CLIP out to see whats happening. I think I'm using V178. Some of you may have noticed a warning stating that the license will need to be renewed on the 30/12/20... well, it does.

I have a mild work around which has worked for me this evening which I can go into if anyone needs however an easier temporary fix is as follows...

IF you have not used your CLIP since BEFORE 30/12/20 DO NOT RUN IT!!!

Each time you start the application the computer date is stored to a text file which the application reads upon start up. Unfortunately the text file has an associated checksum which I cannot yet work out (if anyone knows please share!).

Before you run the application set your system date and time to be between the last time you used the application and the 30/12/20. If you run the application (as I do) on a virtual machine under Ubuntu you will need to change the main system date not the virtual machine, the virtual machine takes the date and time from the primary system upon boot.

If you have already run the application you will either need to reinstall from scratch OR corrupt the installation and run the installation repair (re-apply the RSR crack after) remembering to set your system clock to a date way before the 30/12.

This would be very annoying if you use the laptop regularly however for many who use the laptop as a diagnostics only machine this work around could be a permanent fix. Note that you should not allow the laptop to connect to the internet (as the time may auto adjust) OR you can disable the auto time/date and set manually.

Hope this helps someone trying to do a panic diagnostic like me.