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Do Renault TRY to p!ss you off

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Had my car booked in with my local Renault dealer for 2 weeks now (waiting list) to sort the rattle on my exhaust.

Told them 2 weeks ago what the syptoms were, rattling at 4k rpms etc... and said that they must have come across this before as it seemed quite a common problem. Suprisingly they agreed and said we will need it early as "we will probably have to replace the centre section".

Took it at 8am today looking forward to driving home tonight. They have just called me to say that "weve found the problem, it was the centre section..... Unfortunately we havent got a replacement"

To make matters worse they said we need you to collect the car as its in the way!!! What fcuking planet are they on??

Renault did the same to me (co-op nottingham), i went in there to book it in for a service, they said "anything else u need looking at", so i said:

the centre section baffles are loose and rattling at 4000rpm, many clio owners i spoke to have same problem and u will probabily need to replace the section.

2 days later, when i took it for the service, they said, the same as to griff, "found the prob, centre section is loose and needs replacing, ill order it today and it should be here for next week, can we book u in then.


Then even when i took it back, i said i would wait (thinking it was a 15min job, like normal companies can do)....3 hours later i am still sat there!!!



my car has been in for a replacement screenwasher bottle on 4 occasions. on the first 3 occasions they had the bottle there ready to be fitted i was told so i leave the car there return in a few hours to be told that the wrong bottle was deliverd. on the 4th occasion i have been in formed that the bottle is now on back order fron france and will take some weeks to arrive. that was 4 weeks ago!!!!! i took it to them initialy about 12 weeks ago! not a bad turn around for renault. 12 weeks to order a poxy washer bottle!!