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Do you have a personalised reg plate

Morning all ! Lovely day down here in Swansea !

Anyway, I was just wondering how many of you have private plates on your car ? If so, what is it and why ? You can blank out the numbers for privacy reasons of course, would not want you to post the whole thing unless you dont mind and the plate does not make sense without it.

The reason I asked is that I am seriously thinking of purchasing a very good plate for myself and I was wondering if people were happy that they bought their respective plates ?

Cheers for any comments all !



  Shiny red R32

Hi Daipac

I have one which I got as a Birthday present a few years ago, and it has been on several cars. I really like these plates but the trouble is that you are instantly recognised by those who know you and if you were to do something stupid whilst driving, your plate would be easily remembered! You cant hide with a private plate, but if you have one which makes up a word, silly or otherwise, they are fun. I would hate having an ordinary plate now, after having my personal one which has my initials on it for so long.

My hubby has an M3 plate on his Beemer with his initials on, and a few months ago when out walking the dogs, we happened to see an M3 with the reg plate M111 and exactly the same initials as my other halfs. We both said that I bet that guy would just love to have our M3 plate much better than M111 - what a shame we had already got it! But it used to be on a Calibra and a V6 406 Coupe, until he could afford the appropriate car, in a nice shade of blue, on which it now sits and looks perfect!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

GR makes a good point - private plates are anything but! Its strange how you get attached to them though. Val & I have a matching pair (makes you wanna chuck doesnt it!) - B8xxx and T8xxx.

Some people get them to match their names. Others get them to match the car - I presume these get sold with the car, although its amazing how many cars you see with a non-matching plate - e.g. an Audi with a BMW plate or similar.

I guess you could get D41PAC!

Tried to get D41PAC but not available ! You can get plates for around £250 now so it is not a bad price and it is a plate that I could transfer to every other car I buy in the future as it is relevant to my name.
  Abarth Grande Punto

Ive got one! I got mine from the DVLA direct at

All I will say is if you are thinking of getting one look on here first! This is where I bought mine, it was only £250! I looked on some sites and they where upto 500 quid dearer including mine! Aswell, the price you see on the website is the total no hidden extras and becauase you are getting it from the DVLA the transfer fees are included, because some seemed reasonable until you added at about £80 for the DVLA fees plus about £20 admin charges!

So with a bit of mis spacing mine is wicked and too look at it you could easily think it cost well over a grand!

Hope that helps!

My plate was bougt as P5 TUM.

Once I played with it, it reads P 5TU M for Stuart M

miltage2, that is where I have been looking for plates, only found it a few months ago ! It is excellent that the price you see is the price you pay.
  Abarth Grande Punto

Very fast aswell, I paid for the plate over the phone using my trusty plastic and within the week the certificate was on my door mat!
  Abarth Grande Punto

Am I happy I bought it??

Over the moon mate!! I love it. It kind of gives your car that final personal touch!! I never really thought about it until some girl in work got one for her birthday. I just loved the idea of have a plate that means something! Instead of random letters and numbers.

Go 4 it! Let me know what you get and how much! (Thats if you get it)

Jilly, looks good there to be honest, I have seen it on the car and it looks great.

DAV 10L is up for auction in November, looks like DAVID L which is my name ! Cost A LOT tho I bet ! £3,000+ !
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

mine is GAZ 2130, nothing special but i bought it for my 21st and thought it was a good plate. Its all ready to go on the new 172.



  Shiny red R32

Let us into your secret then David, what are you thinking of buying?

By the way, I bet there is someone out there who is driving around with D41PAC which means absolutely nothing to them, but it obviously would mean a lot to you. It is only a cheap ordinary number, which would have been a standard issue to a car.

What does DAIPAC mean anyway? I realise that DAI is Welsh. Do you like playing Pacman (or whatever it is called) or something? ;)


  Shiny red R32


Your car looks GORGEOUS with that CLIO GT number on it. Cars look so "distinct" with a nice number dont they with a sense of belonging.

I dont know why there should be a rule about the spacing of letters because if a plate looked just like a word, it would be much easier to remember by witnesses in an accident or as a bank robbery getaway car!
  clio williams, Ph1 172

I want a cheap plate for mine. Not that bothered about what it says but just want a really short one


  Shiny red R32

What is your reg letter as you arent allowed to make them appear newer than they actually are.


  Shiny red R32











N12 CK R


N13 CK R


N14 CK R


N15 CK R


N17 CK R


N18 CK R


N19 CK R


Nick, had a quick look to see if there were some for you!
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Girl racer, could you find any for me pretty cheap?? My names Paul Marshall, middle name john. Want a £250 or less one really


My number plate is A16 CLO and I have made it so it reads - A 16 valve Clio

I know it is not personal to me but to the car but whats the point in having your initials when other people aint got a clue what ure name is but i do agree it does finish the car off and if it is what u want good luck to u



  Shiny red R32

Paul, these have PJM and if your car is K reg would be able to go on OK.





















J400 PJM


J700 PJM

J900 PJM

K222 PJM

K400 PJM

K444 PJM

K500 PJM

K600 PJM

K666 PJM

K700 PJM



All £250


  Shiny red R32

If your car is L reg these are available from the DVLA

L222 PJM / L333 PJM / L444 PJM / L500 PJM / L600 PJM

The Devils number might be interesting! L666 PJM

L800 PJM / L888 PJM / L900 PJM

All these are £250

the initals point is a valid one IMHO... if it is viewed as an accessory, then one would presume it adds only to the aesthetics.. if, for you only, great !, and peace and happiness be with you ! for all eternity..., but, if it adds to the overall look, then it is difficult to relate to the first usage..


advisory follows......................

PUBLIC NOTICE. If this email offends any person, be it, public, adminstrative, or even telepathically, then I am sorry. It is not intended to do so. It is possible that certain personality types will be adversely affected by the perceived intentions and should refrain from reading or seek voluntary assistance.
  Golf GTTDI 130PD

I also know a 16v up for sale, D*MO U but is made to look like DAMO 16 V.

Of course he has spare plates incase of trouble from the Fuzz.

Bit of a difference in price between the two. When I spotted your plate down the seafront it wasnt hard to guess that you were called Leanne !

I wanted W14TTS not so long ago and some git snapped it up a couple of days before I went to get it. My advice - dont mess about if youve got the money as someone else has probably got their eye on the plate as well.

I ended up going for W88TTS which im pleased with. W4TTS went for loads as well.