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DO you think!!...could it be!

  mk2 172

sorry mate! its the same one!, but look as well, remember slayer saying he bought 17s the other day or summat???, ha its gotta be him, less power, more torque, etc??? maybe eh?
  VW Transporter 174

Sorry guyz but it aint me and im not 2 fast either,ive promised to be good and not wind you lot up
BTW captain, if you ever get that turbo to work i wont be a 100% official 172 slayer anymore
can we come to some agreement where i can have Essex/east london and ill let you have the rest of the country?
what ya reckon

172 Slayer

oh well, worth a go....had a hunch it wasnt him.
but people are now lving off his rep!!!
how cheap.