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Does anyone know if......................

  BMW 320d Sport

No I dont think so, Some will fit but not all I wouldnt have thought. The 19 engine bay is a lot roomier

Reason I want to know is Im having silicon hoses made for the Clio and was wondering if they will be any use to 19 16v boys/girls



Ive got the 6 coolant 16v/Williams hoses on the way to take moulds from, I could probably have them made and sell them on for about £120-130 something like that. I know they normally cost £190.

The hoses I use are neither Samco or SFS, better than both. They are tried and withstand 200psi and are used on TVR, JCB, Caterpillar and all the big engined motors over in the USA etc. Hill Power cost £158.63 for Blue of you want red, yellow or green (the only colours they can do) its an extra £30.

As for colours, is this ok

Oh well, the colours I can do are

Red , Light Blue , Medium Blue(like samco), Navy Blue, Green , Yellow , Purple , Orange , Mint Green, Salmon , RS500 Brown, Shiny Black ,