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Does anyone know..

  Clio RS 200

At the min i drive around in my mk2 172. Have fully comp insurance that covers myself to drive any car not owned by myself third party only. I also have a Sunny GTI-R sitting in tha garage all taxed and moted up, but not insured. No how could i prove to mr plod that this car does not belong to me so i can drive it. I know i can swap the registered keeper docs over to my mother, but as they say on the form this does not make her the legal owner. So does anyone know how to get around this...?

There should be no need!, youre covered 3rd party on any vehicle. Id check this though as most insurance companies have changes their rules recently. I have had 3 cars (172 mk2, Cup & 206 GTI) all under the same policy for negligable extra expense... I argued that one person can only ever drive one car at a time!!! BUT, my policy was based on the highest insurance rated car in the first place... for you this isnt the case - The Pulsar will be hefty!!!

Good luck and I know how frustrating insurance is.... Its a cartel!!! how can they make it a legal requirement and then allow insurance companies to "work" with each other????

i would imagine that these cars wil have to be insured by someone else, otherwise you could insure yourself on a 950cc fiesta and then drive a nissan skyline

Yes, I believe that is also the case clean16v, the "other" car you are wanting to drive must be insured by someone else and they have given you the permission to drive it.
  320d M Sport

Heres the answer.

Firstly make sure your policy lets you drive other vehicles TPO, just because youve got Comp cover doesnt neccessarily mean you get that extra cover. Secondly you can only drive another car that is insured already by someone else. This is to prevent people from buying a £100 car then driving their Porsche TPO...... Best thing to do is add the car on as a second vehicle. Oh and the name on the V5 DOES indicate the legal owner so you must have read wrong.....