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Does anyone know a breakers that does cuts?

Brian J

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
I need the rear 30cm of passenger side sill replaced, and I’m not sure about what the inner sill and floor edge will look like once I dig into it. I can’t weld, but I was considering cutting out all the rot, preparing the patch panels and getting a mobile welder to come and sort it for me so I can keep an eye on how it is done.

the easiest way would seem to be to get a cut of the bottom 6 inches of the quarter from the door to the wheelarch and into the floor from a base model car and pick it apart for patch panels. Does anyone know of a breakers that does body cuts because I’m struggling to find one…

many suggestions really appreciated. Thanks.


ClioSport Club Member
  MR2 Roadster
There are places that will do it. We purchased this from a breakers in Mansfield a few years back. They just cut it off with a plasma torch.