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does anyone want images of engine build

Would some of you guys be interested in pics of the engine strip and build for the turbo conversion.. ?

I will post some if any interest.

  Skoda Fabia vRS

yer definitely, could you email me em all mate by any chance ?

Lol Chun, I meant apart from you nutters that are - or will be - on the email circular list


no probs Brun..

got the spare lump stripped today so will take some shots tomorrow and post.

Cheers Capt, not as mad as you m8 You got to let take me out for a spin in your 4x4 turbo clio when you finish it


the 4*4 might be a little later, but it looks promising, I am chatting up me local quikfit fitter tomorrow to use the ramps and take some good pics of under the car. That way I can visualise the changes needed.


also captain,

have you viewed my thread on the tuning area, "internal mods to F7P"? would appreciate your views if you could spare a few minutes, im still not entirely sure what route to take