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This is your reminder for the Midland RR day next saturday.

Have a look at the meeting section for the list of whos coming and let me know if you cant make it.

See you all there.

  Audi S3

Cant wait getting a chip done on tuesday at hillpower ready for the RR!

ill be there with my £20! great:D

oh and Ben H still up for meeting b4 hand at strensham.


16v_Matt: Ill be there! I still havent got my wheels back on the car yet (was expecting them this weekend at latest!), but there will be WW3 if they say they cant have them by this weekend! So will definitely be there!
  Audi S3

Good Good hope u get them on time then! Me and Sammy will be seeing u at 7.30 at strensham services then. :D


Cheers Mat. Im pretty certain I will have my wheels by then, but I just dont want to tempt fate. They were sent away to be shotblasted a couple of weeks ago, but the gritting machine bust and they couldnt do them. Im not sure, but I think theyre back at the bodyshop now and ready to be painted ASAP.

If I do need some, then Ill give you a shout - cheers!

b****cks - the one time I get asked to go away at work (weekend away that is - I get told to "go away" all the time;)) and it has to be next weekend.

Weight is going to take me out in his Valver..

Did you know (Clio Wise..)

Ive never been out in a 172/Cup/16v/Williams
Ive only ever sat in a Cup and an RT with 16v Seats.
All these apart from my own Clio, of course. Scary!


fred are u putting you 1.2 on the RR? tell me the results, surely you wont get much from such a small/new engine!

guy at my uni put his mini on(old) and he got an extra 10bhp hehe
  Lionel Richie

ClioJohn, yep im putting mine on the rollers!!!! I think mines the oldest 1.2 16V engine in a mk2 its an early Y reg July 2001 done 28500miles, so its well run in, and hopefully itll make a decent output ie over 75bhp!!!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!
  Lionel Richie

Hopefully youre right tom!!!!!! Knowing my luck itll have 70bhp!!!!! My 17s wont make a difference will they??? False reading???
  Renault Laguna Coupe

No worries Fred that new interiorll be worth at least 15bhp, add another Cliosport sticker and youll have 100 in no time :D

fred, yep it was a 4th gear run

what tom also didnt say was his has done 28000 miles on the same oil renault provided free with the car when he bought it:D



shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D

its now been changed

(and it was in very good conditon no metal or anythin in the oil ;))

well if chris172s results are anything to go by, then im in for a disappointing day on saturday....... so, can someone please scope out the site and find the best corner for me to cry in please? :(