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door damage

  Renault Clio Extreme 4
Took my car to be valued today for a possible part ex with a 197 and the salesman when looking at the car (which was in the light) noticed that the drivers door had had a knock from another car door and this had caused a thin line to be formed and a very slight indent (but paint not broken). Obviously if this is going to cause a loss in the value I'd like it fixed but wondered what the easiest thing to do would be?
  R35 GTR
do what i do and dont let them see the car, every time i have had it valued they dont bother
  1.6 Focus, 1.6 122S
Cost you about £60 to get rid of that.. there are loadsa companies that could do it, even halfords offer it now!
  Renault Clio Extreme 4
that could be the answer! was offered 4.5k for my O5 cIio 1.2 . Thinking either 197 or new civic type R in march.