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dopr panel trims

  Renault Clio

Just wondering if anyone knew if the door panel trims on the inside of a mk2 ph1 clio sort of unclip or how hard they are to replace? The bit that is sort of fabricated and sort of wraps round the handles you pull to get out of the car?

Reason i ask is because i hate the colour and design of mine, obviously it matches the front and rear seats but they can be replaced with buckets in the front and a black seat cover over the rear or something or maybe even the clio sport rear seats if i was lucky enough to come across some, do they fit in easy?

cheers guys
  Monaco Blue Mk2
The whole door card can be taken out and replaced with any other Mk2 Ph1 door card. The fabric bit on the front door cards is plastic spot welded on so isn't the easiest to remove. The fabric on the rears just unclips. The best thing to do is replace the whole interior with a Mk2 Ph1 172 interior.
  Renault Clio
yes mate, sounds like a good idea, i spose i should have really thought about that consdering i have had the panels off enough times fitting components etc lol.

cheers anyways!!