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drain plug for coolant

I am looking to flush the radiator on my 16v

is there a drain plug for this, as the bottom hose is a night mare to get to.



i was meant to do mine ages ago, might do it tommorow.. totaly forgot!

the only other way is to remove a pipe and run ya engine up to temperature... DONT RECOMMEND IT THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually you should drain the block by its drain plug which is on the back of the engine somewhere below the exhaust manifold. However I couldnt find it or reach it, so good luck

ALex M

I jacked the car up in the end as i couldnt find the drain plug on the block either.

as there was no room to get to the hose i had to put a 3 inch g clamp on the green clamp and tighten the g clamp, once it started to weep i slid the green clamp up the hose and lowered the car,

the water was well sh!tty, i now have anti freeze, and i changed the thermostat as well cos it was shagged, reno wanted £2 each for the 5 tork bolts that hold it on but i went else where and got 6 for £1 !!

Should be much better now !!