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  1. lordyjordy

    Wet Day!

    I've been noticing recently, that water has been collecting underneath my drivers seat. Upon further inspection, the drain pipe under the scuttle panel had been bent upwards. Meaning that since i bought the car in March (and god knows how long beforehand), overtime it rained, it was collecting...
  2. Haybails1980

    White 197 - Eskbank Train Station

    Spotted a white 197 cup parked in front of me at the Eskbank train station car park around 1:50pm. Reg was FP08 FWD.
  3. M888TTM

    Carbon Lorraine RC5+ Rear Brake Pads

    Hi everyone, I have fitted Carbon Lorraine RC5+ rear brake pads to my Clio 182 and they are a very tight fit! They are so tight that the pads are griping the discs all the time and preventing correct operation of the brakes. It seems the shape of the pad backing plate is not exactly the same...
  4. DSilvaSport

    engine block coolant drain plug?

    Can anyone tell me where it is? 182 F4R thanks
  5. G

    Rainsports -v- Winter tyres (Miata owners)

    Well, it's getting high time I prepped Listerine for another winter. As such, I don't really want to run a set of Eagle F1's. The Yokohamas from last year were awful and as much as these are better in every way, I don't think they'll be the best move for winter survival. So, I've got my Enkei...
  6. renman

    heavy rain drainage concern clio 182

    Hi due to the heavy rain this week I was a bit concerned about a swishing noise which sounded like fluid. Thought my car had a swimming pool in it but can't see any signs of water anywhere , is it possible it'd the fuel swishing around the fuel tank I can hear or are my drainage holes blocked...
  7. theburns1

    Help with a drivetrain problem

    I've had my Clio a while now (not working) finally decided to sort it out. Ok so from square one. I bought the car and when I got home it lost drive, made a grunching noise like it wasn't in gear. Also noticed when I changed gear one of the times on the way home my clutch pedal stuck to the...
  8. imprezaworks

    Rainsport 3 tyre pressures?

    What we running out of interest?
  9. P

    Tigerpig Braintree maccers

    Petrol blue on gold Williams wheels is such a winner!
  10. L

    Fitting rain/light sensor to windscreen?

    Do I need a special windscreen for this? My cars had the screen replaced at some point and theres no sensor anymore for the auto lights and wipers. Can I fit a sensor or do I need a specific windscreen? Can't see a new windscreen being cheap just to get that functionality back but I quite like...
  11. M

    Carbone Lorraine RC6 - Alternative

    Currently have some Carbone Lorraine RC6 pads but after 210 miles with them on, the squeak is driving me insane. What's the next best alternatives which don't squeak or squeak very little? The car will be mainly used for fast road with the odd track day here and there. Thanks in advance Andy
  12. jackfm

    How (not) to Fit a Train Horn in a Clio

    Yeh. So this is what @navdci and I do in our spare time.
  13. JON FOZ

    Identifying Carbone Lorraine pads

    Before I put my for sale advert up.would anyone confirm which compound my CL pads are. I'm sure they were RC6 but want to confirm. Cheers
  14. StuOwen86

    Carbon Lorraine replacement

    Currently running CL6 and was debating on just getting them again as I find them good. Or trying something else to see how they compare the CL, looking at likes of the Ferodo DS3000 / DS 1.11 or (I know the DS 1.11 are more expensive price but are they worth the extra) or the anyone tried the...
  15. J

    182 Trophy behind me southend, graingers park

    Looked back and saw the lovely shape of a Clio behind me :D
  16. W

    Windscreen replace - rain sensor problem

    Hi guys, I've managed to get a chip in my windscreen that needs sorting. I've been quoted £75 on insurance to replace it but the woman wasn't sure about rain sensor. Do they replace the fittings as well usually? and the gel?
  17. AshWebb

    JC5 Gearbox Drain Plug

    Can anyone confirm the thread size of the drain plug? Reason being I would like to fit a magnetic plug when I do an oil change. Thanks
  18. Curtis24

    BG182 FG55YNC Banbury train station

    Seen you leaving the train station. Looks clean black on black
  19. StuOwen86

    Track wheels and Carbon Lorraine pads

    Did one track day at Oulton with Carbon Lorraine pads on my shiny new white speed lines and they were coated with Gtechniq c5 and carlight/collanight (not 100% on the wax) endurance 915 and they have pretty bad staining off the brake dust but the front face where the wheel bolts go through have...
  20. ThomasTurbo

    Blue with stripes at Cambridge train station

    As above what looked like a 182 going around the round about out side the station
  21. cat171

    Silver 182 hooning round Dovers corner roundabout, Rainham

    Saw this one on Saturday afternoon, it had Turini's or 2118's on it. I was a couple of cars back in the blue V6 Clio.
  22. CrippsCorner


    Well, it doesn't get a lot more descriptive than this...
  23. jackincaves

    Coolant draining and engine temp rising

    Hi guys, About a week ago, my girlfriend was driving our 182 and said the STOP light came on. When I had a look at it I realised the coolant reservoir was empty, so I topped it up and everything seemed fine until today when, on the motorway on the way from London to York, the temperature...
  24. F

    Silver Ph1 V6 - Rainford

    Tonight around 8pm. Rainford end of Blindfoot Road. First V6 I've seen round here. Anyone on here?
  25. J

    Black 182 - Renault / Nissan Training Centre Watford - With Photo

    Parked my Juke Nismo next to you.
  26. D

    Croft in the rain. 07112014

    Had good fun at Croft in the DC2 on Friday - I counted 6 Clios, anyone on here go? NOTICE ME CLIOSPORT
  27. RichB

    Carbon Lorraine RC5+ Anti Squeel Shims?

    Hi Guys Had my new pads delivered but noticed there is no backing etc to stop any squeeling. would something like spray coppper grease over the backing plate (not the pads!) be sufficient? I dont mind a bit of noise but if something simple can reduce it then ill do it!
  28. N

    rain/water marks on seats

    Evening all, Are there any products that can remove rain stain marks on light grey cloth seats? I've tried autoglym upholstery shampoo which looks like its worked until it dries, then the stain is back. Don't really want to waste money trying too many products, if I can help it. Any suggestions...
  29. A

    fault code powertrain citcuit 1

    just plugged in reader got fault powertrain cicruit 1 what the hell is that there was no code number ??
  30. J

    Clio mk3 genuine rainguards/ wind deflectors?

    Hi there, I just want to know if Renault did rain guards for the clio mk3 3door? If so, does anyone have the part number or know if they are still made? Thanks!