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drink drive insurance


Anyone know of any specialist insurers for drivers with drink convictions, Ive been told there are some that only insure drink convicted drivers?

No lectures either, learnt me lesson over past nine months.


  Audi TT Stronic

My GFs brother has a DD conviction, was quite impressed the way the guy took it so seriously and has never driven his car for about 2 years now..

Still drinks a lot, but never drives his car at all anymore

on places like directline and tescos how much does the DD conviction add to your quote? or will they not insure you at all

I found it added about 400 quid to mine but as u build up your no claims it goes down to about 100-150.... im dropping 400 a year this year for 1 years no claims cant wait.


I cant drive again til April so I can only get quotes from a few places at the moment, Tesco are pretty good but they bumped my excess up to £500!

Believe it or not, best so far is from the AA with just £100 excess!

Cheers all.