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Drivers seat

  2002/02 172
first technical post on the forum!!

my drivers seat does not move forward on the rails when I try to let a passenger in the back seats with the handle thing on the seat back. the passengers side front seat does

is this normal for my mark/phase of clio? its a 2002 172, sorry not really up to speed yet with the whole mark/phase/valver naming thing yet!

on my mates 182 both seats move forward on the rails...
  R35 GTR
If something is wedged against the back of my seats i cant move chair forward, to let rear passengers in.
  2002/02 172
i'm thinking it's supposed to be like that, but the engineers got feedback and updated it for the 182...
  M2 Competition
It should do, just a techy problem with fussy seats.

My passenger seat doesnt move backwards after you've clicked it back into place after letting someone in the back... lol