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Driving me mad,

i have been fiddeling around with the pre-tensioners under the seats coz my service and arbag lights are on, they wont do off, what else can i do, also can i undo them?

had visions of me undoing them then the airbag opening whilst im leaning next to my seats,

its driving me crazy, especially when im driving at night and these lights are on,

please help
  Clio 182 Trophy 047/500
When mine starting doing it i took it back to renault who basically took the connector off and refitted a new one on, it has something to do with a poor connection. Best thing you can do is disconnect the battery, and discounnect the connector, then clean the conntacts.

At the moment your airbags are disengaged so if (touch wood you dont) have a crash they wont deploy.

Hope this helps..


basically if you decide to change your steering wheel to an aftermarket one you should be able to remove your oem wheel without it exploding in ya face;)