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Droning noise


Any help would be great.

When driving at any speed i have a droning noise, when im in gear and coasting along. I thought i was the exhaust but now think its something else.
Coming from underneath the car.
Droning noise is really bad at about 60-70 when im in gear slowing down.

Anyone have a clue?

Yeh thats what im thinking, its like a contast droning and which gets worse and then goes.

How do i know if it is? is it dangerous to drive and how much am i looking at for repair?

Alex H

ClioSport Club Member
Not difficult to repair if you've got a bearing press. If not, whack the hub off - take it to a garage, get them to press bearings out and in and refit your own hub.
  "Navy" N17 TWO
Jack her up and spin the wheels - hard to tell which wheel it's coming from as the noise can make you think it's "the other one" lol
  Clio 1.2 1998 S Reg
I had a squeeking noise come from my clio before when I used to turn right round corners and in low gears.
Mine was actually due to so much dirt around my brake pads.