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Dropping Revs

  White R26/Stripped Valver
After i've been driving around in my valver for a while, anywhere between 2nd and 5th gear usually around 3k mark the revs will suddenly drop then rise then drop even lower. The car does feel like its going to stall but when i put my foot down further i seem to drive through it and everything is fine again????

Please help. Cheers Mario
  clio 172 sport
you need to clean your iscv (idle speed contral valve) wiv carb cleaner mate that should do the trick al i had the same problem with my valver;)
  White R26/Stripped Valver
cheers mate, shall do that tomorrow. Just hope it is that and nothing worse!:S
  White R26/Stripped Valver
what actually causes the iscv to do what it does?? havent had a chance to fix it and it seems to be getting worse :S