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DS Lite - Region locked?

Possibly buying a DS next week from the US of A, are games compatiable with all regions or are they specific?


not sure, i know the psp is region free, just umd films are region coded

the games on the ds come on like sim cards though


i keep playing phoenix wright:ace attorney lol quality game
I've got a Canadian DS, a UK charger, and US, UK & Japanese games.... everything works absolutely fine with each other. No problems with wi-fi or anything like that.

Me and the missus' (has a UK DS) have even had wireless link up's with the various combinations of the region stuff, no problems at all.
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most portables are region free, they would be no point in making them region locked. i believe production of the umd films is stopping soon, because they just are not selling well
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Yes, as far as I know you can play any games from any country on any DS.

I'm starting a DS forum if you're bored, which I predominately hope will be used to arrange WiFi games.