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DSLR question.....

Planning to buy my first DSLR camera so I'm looking for some advise...

I'll be using it for a wide variety of shots, outdoors and indoors... Close ups and wide angle...

What sort of body and lens combination would I be looking for as a beginner and where is the best place to buy...

Price is not really a problem but I don't want to waste money on features I won't use...

Any advise would be appreciated....

Well I've got a 350D..... And even though it's one of the cheapest DSLR's you can buy i probably only use it to a tenth of it's potential. Fantastic camera. But the canon kit lens is a bit pony. Better off buying body only and getting something like a Sigma 18-50mm f/3.5-5.6 DC for £85 imho. Much better to have as a standard lens.

The only other lens i have bought so far is a Canon EF 50mm 1.8 which I use as a portrait lens. Crazy depth of field action. lol.
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Features wise they all have about the same.

Main choice is Canon or Nikkon.

I would look at the Canon 400D replacement to the 350D.

Lenses is where the game gets expensive. The Kit 18-55 lens with the camera will get your started if need be and then add some better glass later.

There is no real do it all lens for an SLR IMO, wide lens are never long enough and vice versa.
I'd look into either the Nikon D80 coming soon or the Canon 400D also coming soon, maybe even the Sony Alpha, althought to be honest I'm bias towards Canon. Also the 350D is more than enough to start with and you'll see it at bargain prices come October.

Best lens you can buy after the kit lense is the 50mm f/1.8 got this bought into the country by someone passing through Hong Kong - only £40, its a really sharpe and great learner lens. I've also strapped on extension tubes (£64) and us it for macro shots, its so versatile, gets more use than the kit lens.

..Other lenses, this is where the wallet will get hurt.

Ultra Wide Angle, great for landscape and getting some cool close ups of cars etc with a fish eye kind of view.
Canon EF-S 10-22mm, available for around £400 if you use discount codes and canon vouchers...

Zoom, safest bet for reasonable zoom is the Canon 70-200mm f4 L - £450, there is also the f/2.8 with Image Stabaliser for £1200 or soon to come the f/4L IS for around 800-900.

To be honest buy it, learn how to use, learn what you want to shoot then look at lenses.

Discount codes:

Great forum, loads of sample image threads:

My Gallery:

Cheers guys...

Think the 350d will be the best option....

I can get a 400d for £470 body only brand new is that good??

£519 with 18-55 Lens kit
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Apparently it has a bigger LCD screen amongst a few other changes..... And I paid £470 for my 350D (with kit lens) a few monnths ago so £500 odd for the 400D sounds like a good price.

I don't know the specs but I'm sure the 400d is better.
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The 400D has in built sensor cleaning and up's the mega pixels a bit from the 350D. You may as well go for the new model IMO.
Seeing as there's so little difference in price, deffo.

Although they may well be giving away the 350d soon lol
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the samsung 815's not a true slr but it's an awasome camera its got every thing .15 times zoom .1cm macro .3inch screen .the biggest available.great battery life ,takes awsome photos+many advanced features iv had a few slr's over the years and found the 815 pro to be up there with all the mid range dslr camera 's..its worth a look! priced around the 400 mk now.
Depends how far you wish to go really. There are certainly some top end compact zooms etc that are truly excellent.

But if there was one lens that could do everything, we'd all have one wouldn't we? ;)
Nikkon D50 with 18-50mm lense and 50 - 200mm lense in argos pretty cheap at the moment compared to when we got one for £650 its about £400 in argos i think. great camera
If I get the 400d body only what would be the best lens for everyday use or should I just pay the extra £49 and get the standard kit lens with it
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For £49 I think the 18-55mm isn't bad, I got it with mine and at least till you get used to it, it should get you off the starting blocks.
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The lens is truely crap build quality wise - in the fact it fills up with dust in a few weeks, and the zoom ring on lots examples is shite, that aside it will take decent shots.
lol true I was just about to edit and add, 'for what it is' meaning:
Cheap, its just a starter, covers the basic ranges, don't expect to take great macro or work in low light without a decent flash but it can take great pictures in the right conditions.
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I was half tempted to trying and make a warrenty claim on mine, as I never had a problem with the shots from it just the build. But have decided to say sod it. Since I got the 28-105 II USM it has not been back on the camera since anyway, and will use the lack of wide end as an excuse to get a 17-40L next!
im currently trying to persuade my gf to buy me one for my xmas, aswell as a electronic drum kit, but she is having none of it.. :(