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Dus enone know how to find out

How can i find out hoo is sending me virsis i think i know hoo it is but be for i go and kik him in i nead to be shoower that it him if eney oone can hellp thanks


p.s he fu*k my last compuoter

the problem is that you can "spoof" e-mails, so the name in the "from" field cannot be trusted, moreover, I could send you a mail, and unless you had access to some pretty confidential ISP data, you would never find out. Looks like you are going to have to resort to thumbscrews to extract the truth from whoever it is!
  Clio v6

I take it you have a firewall and anti-virus checking all emails. Not to mention the basics of DO NOT OPEN if you dont know who its from.

Of course you might consider sending him one back:D
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Chances are the person sending em you probably dont even know they are. I got a virus a few months ago after just rebuilding my pc and had not got round to installing McAfee. It sent the virus to every email address on my pc numerous times a day, under loads of different names and subjects.

I still get at least one a week sent. They usually look suspect so get deleted straight away. Im guessing they are probably from someone who has also got the virus rather than someone sending them directly to me!
  Clio 197

Usually, a virus is sent unwittingly. You get one, it goes through your addresses and mails itself out to all on your list. You dont even know it happened until a budy emails back to ask you about it. Sometimes they will send out emails that you have received. Often they are opened because they appear to come from a trusted source and the whole thing starts all over again. Complete pain in the arse.

Thanks evrey one that is all i neded to no i know it him coz he has a big mouth and he keeps telling pepel wat he dus he told my mate he had hakt my e-mail and put a viraas in my hard drive and ther was

but thanks agane Daley