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DVLA Tax Disk Online

  2012 WRX Waggon

brilliant service - no queue, no documentation required, just stick in the reference number.

got mine in 2 days!!!
  307 hdi (powered by derv)

did mine in jan and was very good. Just got my renewal so i will be doing it again



I intended to but they didnt send me a reminder and without that you cant use it.

My boss used it and it worked perfectly.
  Lotus Elise 111R

I did it, just to see how good it was. I was pleasantly surprised!!! Site was easy to use, and I got my printed disc in my hand in 2 days, following confirmation email that I received immediately after I applied confiming that my insurance and MOT detials were correct.

To me, that was the best bit....the fact they can check that your car is insured, taxed, and MOTd IMMEDIATELY, just by having the reg number....maybe all those uninsured drivers will finally be extinguished!!! Oh and not having to queue behind 15 people in the Post Office that need everything repeated to them 3 times. Rant over.