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Dynamic owners (not 172 owners).

I am getting my car all fully colour coded and the boot smoothed.I can get it done a lot cheaper if i can get the plastic bits off the car myself.I can get the spoiler off and the mirrors. Ha sanyone done this, do the plastic strips on the bumpers come off????? and how do go about getting the side strips on the doors and the door handles off???????

Help needed please

They must do, i presume the side strips are just connected to the bodywork with a few plugs so a bit of screwdriver and yanking action should do it. You can be the guinea pig!! Its best to ask a mechanic at your dealer though

How do you get the spoiler off?

I, its just a couple of screws.

Im off work the marra. so ill see what i can and cannot get off.

Has no one actualy tried this yet????or had their car c-coded


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I would be able to solve all your problems.. but I am a 172 owner so I am not allowed in this thread...:cry:
  Lionel Richie

Mines been done, the sides slide off, but to get a half decent colour match i would sugest you get the bumpers colour coded with the plastic bits still on

Quote: Originally posted by RobFenn on 23 January 2003

I dont see the point in getting the bumpers done, theyll only get stone chips!
And th erest of the car paint work on the bumper is immune to stone chips then? The 172s or colour coded and I have no stone chips except on the bonnet! Get it done it looks smart!

woudlnt worry about colour match. Not as if renault managed to paint mine all one go the 1st time, or second................:(

yeah ive had mine colour coded. although im getting it redone, because i think the spoiler and rear bumper are a poor match