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dynamique tyre size.

  307 hdi (powered by derv)

i have just ordered a 1.2 16v brand new dynamique, when i got home i htought sh*t how much will tyres cost me. could some one please tell me the tyre size on the 15inch 5 spoke wheels so i can get somne qoutes, many thanks.



Are you gonna change them?? The Michelins that come a select few dynamiques are £64 a tyre. Not sure about cotis . They are 185/55/15.


Budget = £51.02

firestone F700 = £64.99

Goodyear Eagle F1 = £75.24

Conti Premium = £75.70

Pirelli P6000 = £77.80

Dunlop SP200 = £79.47

Bridgestone RE040Z = £80.15

Uniroyal R540 = £80.40

Yoko A539 = £89.62

Yoko A520 = £90.48

Michelin SX GT = £93.47

Michelin Exalto = £95.68

Michelin XV1 = £95.68

Conti CV90 = £95.88

there are more on the website, but i couldnt be bothered to type them all out

all tyre prices are based on supply and fit - 185/55 R 15
  307 hdi (powered by derv)

thanks everyone for the replys, bam bam thanks for the prices saves me looking, many thanks people.