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  1. B

    Clio cup spoiler on 1.2 info

    After having some issues with my spoiler which have now been fixed there are a few things I had happened that others might find useful. If you are looking at putting a 172 cup spoiler on your 1.2 mk2 first make sure your connectors for the light itself are the same, check this by undoing the...
  2. O

    Body kits for 2009 Clio 3 dynamique 16v 3 door

    I recently just bought a 2009 Clio 3 dynamique 16v and was wondering if you can just put a bumper,skirts and rear bumper from the gt version on it, also are there any kits out there that complete that type of look? Can’t find anything anywhere about this lovely car!
  3. G

    Help please newbie here!

    Hi all, totally new to this so hope I'm posting in correct way :/ Anyway looking for some help, recently bought a 2007 Clio Dynamique S 2.0 138bhp, it's got bad misfire issues, taken it to be plugged in and indeed it shows cylinder 2 misfire, garage suggested starting with coil pack, however...
  4. TheBandit

    Mk2 1.2 Dynamique: Larger Brake Discs?

    I have recently purchased 260mm brake discs from the advice of a thread here, turns out my 1.2 peasent spec have 238mm discs installed. (I should have believed the auto part sites). I can always sell the discs on but then that got me wondering... How much work would it require to fit these...
  5. R

    Dynamique VS Dynamique S

    I've got a Mk3 1.5 dci pre-facelift. Its a dynamique , not an S tho. I prefer the look of the S and was wondering what actual differences there are between them. i know the s has better looking wheels. I also noticed that they run discs on the back. Anybody know how hard it would be to convert...
  6. Molzo

    My First project a Clio MK3 TCE 1.2 SX (girl owner)

    Hi guys, for some reason my images will not show on my original post so I am trying again :) Here's Leo when I first got it. Standard extras included: Panoramic front and rear sunroof. Rear brake discs. Privacy glass. Sx body kit. Front fog lights. Heated mirrors. Electronically adjustable...
  7. Molzo

    My Clio Mk3 Dynamique 1.2 tce sx

    My Clio as Standard: Standard extras included: Panoramic front and rear sunroof. Rear brake discs. Privacy glass. Sx body kit. Front fog lights. Heated mirrors. Electronically adjustable mirrors. Air-conditioning. When i brought this my side skirt was cracked and the air con was not...
  8. Euan_Birrell

    Clio Mk 3 RS grill

    Looking for a link to a clio mk 3 RS grille to replace the standard grille on my 1.2 SX cheers
  9. F

    Clio Sleeper Project(?)

    Hello! Let's get straight too it, I need your help. I own a 1.2 Clio Mk.3 2012 (facelift). It comes with all the fancy leather interior, glossy dashboard and tom-tom. It's a fancy piece of kit for what it is and it looks quite nice in my opinion.. But it's painfully underpowered at a measly...
  10. M

    Renault clio 1.2 dynamique 2004 heating

    Hi, I have a Clio 1.2 2004 and the heating wont work. It will come on cold but just wont get hot. I have replaced the water filter and the fan belt, it has been flushed through and is clear and two mechanics have said the matrix is working correctly. any ideas? Thanks.
  11. J

    Mk3 1.4 exhaust

    Evening guys, Looking to start doing a few things to my car. Currently got a Mk3 1.4. I've been looking around for exhausts and the like and was wondering if anyone had any an idea of an exhaust that would fit? Looked on a few forums and a lot of people are saying that you have to cut the rear...
  12. beeched

    My 1.2 Extreme project.

    Bought this Clio < 3 weeks ago. Really wanted a sport but can't get insured, so I'm going to modify my 1.2 to my taste :) When I bought it, it had 13" steels with broken ghastly wheel trims. First thing I did was buy some trims, made it look 10x better. I also put some fli coaxial door...
  13. G

    first cars a clio

    Popping in to say alright guys, just got my first car... 1.2 dynamique does no one post in the car parts section? Looking for alloys ?
  14. C

    Starting problems 2008 clio dynamique

    Last week, the starter motor only clicked when trying to start the car. Jump leads solved the issue. The car has started properly all week. last night, nothing.... the power drained and the engine would not start. releasing the key brought power back (headlights bright etc) but second try...
  15. R

    dynamique wear to tyres on outer edge

    Been running 195/50/15 on the dynamique alloys which originally had 185/55/15. The front tyres have worn down on the outer edge quicker on both sides evenly. I had the car tracked after noticing the problem but it wasnt out by much anyway and it didn't resolve the problem. I have also used 33psi...
  16. D

    My 2005 1.2 Dynamique mk2

    Hi everyone, this is my first car, I'll post pictures and show you what I've done to it. I first installed a 182 grille. Then I swapped my interior, boot and reg plate lights to white LEDs. Then I sprayed my interior trim gloss black. After that I painted my brake callipers red. My only engine...
  17. R

    Clio TCE dynamique sx MK3 Rear lower bumper lip

    Just wondering if any one out there knows of anywhere I can get a rear lower bumper lip for a clio MK3 dynamique sx. I don't mind it being aftermarket or for another Mk3 spec clio aslong as it fits as car looks horrible without it. Any help appreciated, Thanks Rhys
  18. adamlstr

    Dynamique smelling of egg on the inside (not the usual).

    I had a search, most seem to point to the cat -- as I'd expect with the smell of Eggs. However, the interior has an eggy whiff, even without starting the car. I don't think it's: Sunroof leak / stagnant water, the sunroof was resealed last year and never reeked of egg while it leaked (a lot)...
  19. J

    clio dynamique 15" wheel questions

    How much do they weigh? Will fitting them to a 172 non cup make them appear even more lost inside the arches? Lastly will they accept a 195/50/15 track tyre?
  20. J

    Stereo Replacement Clio 1.2 Dynamique Billabong 3dr

    Hi, I've just purchased an old 2003 Clio 1.2 Dynamique Billabong, as you can imagine it's not in fantastic shape at 12 years old and 98,000miles but for £650 I wasn't going to complain. One problem I have is that it only comes with a cassette player, I've been told I can take this out and...
  21. Koalaty_Clio

    Clio 1.2 Dynamique Side Bullets

    Hey guys, recently the side bullets (at least thats what I believe they are called) on my 1.2 Dynamique snapped off of the my clio (washing with a pressure washer they were already a bit dodgy), I figured I would just replace them but I am having issues finding them anywhere! Do you guys have...
  22. T12

    Clio Dynamique 1.2 sport rep (+ OEM FF Arctic 182 content!)

    Hi all and welcome to my slightly overdue project thread! Firstly a little background on me. My name is Tony, I’m currently 19 years old and living in the South East. At the age of 17 I was lucky enough to be gifted a 5-door '53 plate 1.2 16v Clio 'extreme' model. I had always liked the look of...
  23. N

    Speaker Replacement Clio Dynamique 2005

    I've just got my hands on an 05 reg Renault Clio Dynamique 3dr. I'm looking to upgrade the sound and stereo system, but I'm not sure how I'd go about replacing the speakers... What needs removing and how do you do it? Thanks,
  24. B

    MK3 1.6 clio dynamique s

    Right guys got told to post in here from the new members bit so here it goes. Just recently got my mk3 clio and was looking to start to modify it, just wanted to know if you guys had any suggestion on what I should do? Already want to lower it and put spacers on but don't know the best place...
  25. JP83

    Dynamique 15" alloys for track

    I picked up a set of dynamique alloys cheap and am hoping they'll be ok for track. I measured them across and they appear to be 7" from edge to edge, so I'm guessing they're a 6.5j?
  26. Stedaley

    Clio 1.4 dynamique s 2006 ideas

    Im getting my parents 2006 clio dynamique s as part of a gift from managing to get a placement! The original idea being i was going to buy a 133 twingo and use that for work but with the idea of getting given the car, i wondered what i could do to it? Its not the best colour, a champagne gold...
  27. R

    Dynamique Alloy colour

    Orite, I just got a 1.4 dynamique (black) which came with I think the standard alloys, they're not bad but I'm thinking of painting them either black or anthracite rather than light silver (current colour) and wondered if anyone had done this and could post any pics so I could see the finished...
  28. NinjaGutz

    Dci dynamique

    Hi guys.. I've recently purchaced a 62 plate dci so thought I'd make a return :P obviously its not staying standard for long! Does any one happen to know if the gt or sprint spoilers are a direct swap? Thanks In advance
  29. A

    My 1.2 2003 dynamique project

    This is a project post for my 1.2 dynamique. I'm 17 and have a lot of time and a workshop to do stuff. This is my 1.2 project , will post pictures later :)
  30. F

    Flash's Clio Dynamique 1.2 16v

    Brought myself a 05 dynamique with onlyy 39,000 on the clock! Here's a few pictures of her when brought, will post updates when i get chance to give her a good clean. Modifications so far: - RS Sport grill - Carbon Front badge (Carbon wrapped) - Colour coded side strips - FLI Speaker upgrade...