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E10 Fuel 2021- would you need a remap?

  Clio 182
Hello all,

Has anyone read the news about UK petrol changing this year?

Currently we can get normal & super unleaded.

Rules are coming in to change normal over to E10 (lower grade but more environmentally friendly).

The report I read is that normal (95 RON) will be re branded as super unleaded.

So does this mean that the current super unleaded (97/98 RON) will just be the old normal (95) unleaded?

If so what happens if you have your car mapped to run on 97/98? Would you need to map it again or would it run fine?

Thank you


ClioSport Club Member
It looks to me like 95RON will go to an E10 blend across the board, but that 98RON will remain no more than E5 for compatibility.

The 98RON will still be higher octane as it's in the spec, it's just that if you have a significantly older car, you might need to switch to paying more for 98RON to ensure you don't exceed E5.


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
I filled up the Clio with what I believe was 95 octane E10 about 2 years ago in Le Mans in France.

No noticeable difference tbh.


ClioSport Club Member
Esso Premium 97 and 99 fuel is Ethanol free for most of the country.

Cornwall, NI don't get it IIRC.