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Easter Clean up. 1.2 16v 2003

  Clio MK2 Phase 2 16v

Here is my motor, In the process of doing some work to it. Got it for free and free insurance, (thanks paddypower):p

So far, colour coded side strips and popped bullets in Renault Silver.

Used the amazing 3M headlight restore kit. worked brilliant. The headlights, were shocking and yellow.

RS front grill also fitted.

To Do -

  • Colour coding the rear spoiler, might do that this easter weekend. Need more paint...
  • Colour coding the front bumper strips (Just cannot be ARSED to remove the full bumper and side panels etc etc, and fit the 172/82)
  • Fit the 172 rear bumper.
  • New alloys, would like 182's.
  • Lower by 30mm
  • Light smoke tint rear windows and back window.(Not too dark, it will look like a van)
  • And fix that f**king airbag warning service light.
  • New stereo (I'm in Hong Kong/China in August, so going to pick up something mental for about a fiver)

Canny Photo...

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  Clio MK2 Phase 2 16v
£20 on vidic to score first and man utd bayern to draw 1-1, with Schweinsteiger to score anytime.

Probs the biggest and only football bet I will ever win!
  Clio MK2 Phase 2 16v
125/1, so around £2,500, got the motor for £900 and insurance for £495, wanted a 182, but the insurance was silly money as ive got no years no claims, so got this and booked a little holiday in the summer!!
  Clio 182 - RB
Good lad, least you did something productive with your winnings instead of pissing it up the wall!