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EBC Greenstuff - shim question

Just received my EBC Greenstuff pads for the 182. How critical are the anti-vibration shims? Apparently you're meant to manually cut them to sahpe before fitting - is this important? Is there any kind of template that should be used for the 182 calipers?

Martin_89 said:
i just cut mine to a rough shape, following the shape of the pad, about 1cm smaller than the pad each way.

I take it it's only the piston contact area that needs the shim? The shims in my box are no where near the size of the actual back of the pad...

I guess a picture of the back of the OEM pads would be ideal as a quide.

Just in case this comes up in a search.

RE: the shims. It was very easy to see where the contact patches are by looking at the back of the old OEM pads and just making sure the shims covered those areas. Fitting the pads was a very easy job.

I'm very impressed with the brakes since fitting these pads today and that's before they are bedded in. Definitely more stopping power over the OEMs. Time will tell if the low dust claims are true.

  Focus ST
I'd put the on. Can't hurt and will potential stop any squeakin.

Rather than leave them off, get squeakin, so wheels off again to fit shims.