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Ecotek ’performance decreasing’ valve

  BMW 320d Sport


I cant take any more Ecotek talk. Just try it. Fit the thing, decide whether you like it, if you dont they will take it back no questions asked, honestly. Make your own mind up about it...
  Clio 197

Yeeeeeeeeeees give us more.

I think the Ecotek "debate" is brilliant. Love it. If one is good surely three or four will be even better. I just love their website as well. So informative. Very scientific. And can I have a chrome one? Did you see all the processes they ahve to go through to chrome aluminium? Wow!

More please. I cant get enough!

Ecotekless Ed.

well, i think the ecotek lis like putting 2 20 quid notes up your bum and saying you spent it on a high fibre diet........

I suppose I will have to add a bit lol :devilish:

These rip off merchants make their money by convincing guillable people to try something and offer a money back refund that hardly anyone takes - They just bin it...

Nick m8, the best advice is... DONT BOTHER, DONT TRY IT, DONT FALL FOR THE BS

Save yer dosh..


Ben... yep, thats a great ANALogy lol

i binned it...............where me 40 quid!

do you think they will take back a broken ecotek? i mean, it is thoughrally smashed and ripped with mole grips cause the damn locking collar threaded.
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Hold on if you are so against it why did YOU try it in the first place ?

I thought it was a waste of money ?

cause i bought it about 2 yrs ago.......

then it didnt really do anything, so i tries fiddling ti till something happend, then it broke.....and then i sat there thinking for a while why it didnt work.....i came up with teh answer, and i KNOW its pants.

i bought ages ago(1 1/2 years), its sh*te so ive totally locked the thing instead of removing it coz i would have to buy a new piece of servo pipe.

dont bother there rubbish

I was focusing more on why they are rubbish, rather than how many people can slate it. Ive just read on here (cant remember where) that its performance decreasing and actually uses more petrol. I was wondering why, it seems to have helped mine a little bit, but obviously it could be in my imagination.


well, im sure some people would rather bump it up that write it all over again.

just search for ECOTEK int eh last 2 weeks....youll find it.
  BMW 320d Sport

You havent missed much. Just the same arguments and counter-arguments bouncing back and forth until the end of time. you wont be able to make a decision based on the threads on here...some people have *really* got a bee in their bonnet over it;)

So like I say, try it and see if you like it, if you do then great, if you dont then send it back.
  Clio 190bhp Hybrid

Suppose like everything else it is down to how it is fitted.

My car felt a lot smoother and pulled better after fitting. Fuel economy also went up to near 400 miles a tank compared to about 330 max.

As the ecotek is pointing upwards it has taken the paint of my bonnet where it touches it. I have rotated it 90 degrees so it now fits flat and am only getting 300 out of a tank. Will be putting it back how it was to see if this improves things.