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Egg Insurance = waste of time and effort!

  Mustang, S13, AX GT
I bought myself a 172 last week, so on the Tuesday I rang Egg and told them that I had changed cars etc etc, it was all 'good'. On Wednesday I went and picked up the car, and foolishly I sent off the logbook without realising it wasn't taxed. Not the brightest idea I know, but still I thought I would be able to tax it as soon as the insurance database was updated online as normal. I've been on and because my details arent updated with DVLA then I cant do it online. This makes perfect sense, so I have spoken to the DVLA who have agreed that I dont need my full insurance certificate, I can take a faxed/emailed/downloaded cover note into the post office, and do it in there with my new keeper supplement and my MOT certificate, DVLA = brilliant :D

I have been emailed and faxed proper cover notes before from insurance companies and then been told that I couldn't use them at the post office so I thought this would be nice and easy, but ooooh no I'm insured with a bunch of retards...
I phoned up Egg and asked them to send my documents out ASAP so I can go and tax my vehicle as 1st time around they came in a day. On Friday they hadn't arrived and I wanted my car for the weekend for NW meet etc, so I rang them up and asked if my documents were sent recorded as I was told, they said no. I then asked if they could fax me a copy of my certificate or of a cover note, and they said they wouldn't be able to do this as at customer services they dont have access to any of my legal documents, only the sorting offices have the documents and they cant send them by email or fax :( I asked if she could send the documents out recorded/special delivery and the advisor just said 'not on a friday' that was it. So me in a bad mood hung up and went to vent some frustration heh.
On Saturday I phoned egg back, and tried again. I asked if they could simply fax me a cover note, its not a legal document but the DVLA have said they will accept it. The advisor tells me thats not a problem he can do that, but not on a weekend. They can request the sorting office do this if I phone back on Monday... Great, I've missed the weekend but I'll atleast have my car for work on Monday.
I phone in this morning, and tell them I spoke to and advisor he said you could send me a cover note blah blah blah. The lady tells me its not a problem she'll fax it over now and it'll be there in 5-10 minutes. I dont have fax at home so I ask her to send it to mums work. I then set off and drive to mums work, to pick up this fax and then I can go and tax my car, and after almost a week I'll finally be able to use it, oh no... I get to mums work and grab the fax, its not a cover note. Its a little slip of paper that they have hand written on that I have insurance cover with egg, policy no. etc. :( I took it to the post office as its on the way home, and no surprise its not accepted as its not an actual cover note!
Fuming I phone them back, to be told they cant send a cover note, they can only fax or email confirmation of an agreement to insure me. For a cover note, I have to wait for it to come through the post. This means another day goes by and I cant tax or use my car.

The moral of this rant is, if you want cheap insurance go with Egg, just dont expect them to give a rats ass what you as a customer may need, and dont expect any kind of decent customer service. Make sure your car is taxed before you take out a policy up until I would say atleast a month after your policy starts, otherwise you might be f*cked...