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Electric issue.. dashboard christmass tree

  Clio MK2 1.5dci 65hp
Hi there ...
I have issue with my electric system on my clio 1.5 dci 2004.
When I hit breaks fog lights indicator at the dashboard start to sparkle or glow like they are switched on. Also when I put on reverse left turn signal start to glow.. also when turn on both blinkers and hit the break on the dashboard start to glow christmass tree.. even if I turn off the engine..
Here all says that the problem can be anywhere and need to disassemble all dashboard wirings and etc..

Is this a common issue and did someone find a solution?

Again I'm sorry for my bad English..
  Clio 182
Bad earth? Would clean up all connections on rear clusters as a starter- never had problem myself but seen similar symptoms posted on here before
  Clio MK2 1.5dci 65hp
I'll try today.. can I spray them with WD40 .. You mean those clusters when you release the rear light body right?
Thx all!
  Clio MK2 1.5dci 65hp
Wd40 didn't work an even get worst.. then I bought some spray for electric wirings and need to vaporate still but no result.. one of the pins were really damaged even the plastic body was melted badly.. maybe I'll have to buy new one for both rear light and clusters also..

P.s Am I going to have problems with Ecu or something in my electric scheme if I pospone the problem for the weekend???
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  Clio MK2 1.5dci 65hp
I have menaged to deal with that problem.. it is not the ground.. I think this is plus where I have burned pin only one and after I push them together with screw driver the started to contact properly and the fault disappear..