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Electric Sunroof On 172

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

I was just wondering if the electric sunroof came as standard on a 172 mk1/mk2? as i have seen it as an option but it doesnt list it in the main spec, would have thought they would all have one?


Gaz 2130
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

so thats no sunroof at all? i suppose thats better then, never really liked them anyway, just another anoying rattle after time.

Renault UK are saying that the Leccy Sunroof is not yet available for the 172 but will be in future - not sure when though. Itll be nice for people who like to catch some rays on their bonce.....


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At least we wont have any water coming in, like one or two have with their leaky sunroofs. "align=absmiddle>

You definately do not want an electric sunroof on your 172! My car has been back to renault no less than 5 times for a sunroof rattle.
Much crapness! - Avoid


A sunroof is an option on the 172 as is sat nav. The sunroof will cost you around £350-500 depending on which dealer u get your car from. Make sure it is installed well as sunroof rattle is very common. Take it for a test drive!

The sunroof is neither an option nor is it fitted to UK cars. As previous posts have said, there is extra strenghtening to the roof of the 172. It will never be an option, unless they loose some of the rigidity of the car.


p.s. Goodol dealerships LOL!!

why would you want a sun roof with that superb climate control ..

ooooooops, unless it was a cup lol...

seriously, it weakens the shell.. never ever never... (for me anyways!)