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Electric Window Problem

  2006 Clio Campu
I have strange problem with drivers window on 2006 Campus.

Driver’s window does not operate unless side lights are switched on, then pressing button causes it to open fully unless stopped by selecting up.

As soon as lights switched off window automatically opens fully but can be closed with button.

Switching headlights on and off with flashing stalk does not cause window to open.

Can only hear relay click in passenger footwell when selecting down if lights on.

Have removed and cleaned with wd400 the connector between door and pillar as well as flexing wires at rear to no avail.

As far as I can see only voltage input difference to the door is that leds in buttons illuminate when lights are on and these still function.

Does anyone know if normally a single push on button of this model caused window to fully open?

I do not know what components other than relays relating to the electric windows are fitted on the multi timer relay board, and cannot locate a circuit diagram for this unit.

Any assistance would be gratefully received