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electric window switch

  mk2 172

dont suppose anyone knows if i get a switch from a drivers side window and stick it in the passenger side door it will retain the *down in one click* feature??? if not will any switch off a mk1 clio fit the bill?, as my passenger side one is a bit tempremental.

cheers in advance


Hi there matey,
My passanger side window switch started playing up a while ago, so I took it apart, cleaned the contacts up, and hey presto, it works better than the drivers side.
Hope this helps.
  mk2 172

too late mate! got a new un today out a reno 21, its spot on, swapped the top cap and got a nice hybrid switch, seems to be a lot better than the clio ones, has a really good "click" if there is such a beast!, got some other bits too out a 97 mk1, some mint interior plastics that were a little scratced in mine. its amazing how easy that plastick scratches. also managed to destroy a few switches trying to get em out, there feckin impossible, it ruins the door cards summat rotten. its a t**t how the drivers side switch doesnt fit straight into passenger side. reckon the relay might need changing if i want the one touch feature on passenger side.