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Electrical problems windows

  Renault clio 3
Girlz, Gents,
Hi, I'm Rene, not vrom ze resistanze but from Rotterdam (same thing essentially)
May I bother you with a 'minor' french problem/challenge? I try to give it in detail.
Clio 3, 2011. Has electric windows in front doors. Once the doorswitch of the passenger stopped working. The double switch on the driverside still kept working.
Then the driverside switch for the passenger window stopped. The switch for the drivers window still works properly.
What I have done..... to now;
- Checked the fuse, ok, has power
- Took out the window motor passengers side, put direct current on both connectors on the motor, it functioned flawless and powerful
- Purchased new switches, exchanged older ones, on both doors, to no joy. (Hardly think now the switches are the problem)
- Removed switch passenger door and tested both wires of the motor by putting current trough the connector direct. (on both wires the connector puts 13.. V current nicely)
- Reconnected motor put current through the (switch) connector, motor didn't run (???)
- Pushed the button for window on driver side, no current. (???)
- Reconnected the switch (passenger side), of course no functioning

Right now all I can think of is that there must be an 'element' situated in the middle of both switches preventing the motor to work. If anyone has an Idea, I would be tremendously greatful.
Can go to a dealer but the car suddenly had issues, it didn't had before and presented a hefty proposal. Looked into it myself and discovered someone had tempered with some connectors oddly. (didn't knew a dealergarage would go that far to generate a hefty billing *%$$%*(%(%$$##9 <- sorry for that :O) )