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Electrical Problems

A couple of weeks ago my boot light stopped working, so i checked the bulb but it was fine!

Then yesterday my rear o/s indicator stopped working. I have just checked it and the bulb is fine!

Any Ideas???

Why goto Renault? Cost him loads!

I did it the other month - hit the boot light, and it stopped working - need to look at it still.


Not really, could cost nothing in fact, just blag a little. Tell them they looked at it recently and said they fixed it and they aint, so fix it!

Have you got a Haynes manual? There are wiring diagrams in the back. I dont think that the two lights you mention share any common connections.

Ive had two Clio 1s now and the rear light clusters are prone to blowing their connectors just before the lamp unit - the connectors melt and then when you use any of the rear lamps (e.g. brake etc), the whole lot come on at the same time.