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Elvington Meet comments

I had a great time at Elvington anjd the video clips were brilliant. However it was not good to go on the Evo forum afterwards and for a member to say that I was driving like a "c***". This was because I overtook on a yellow flag and I hadnt even realaised I had done it. I think there was a bit of an issue to why all these experianced track day drivers were getting overtaken by clio that costs about 8 grand. A guy in a Boxter S whichs he had Clio performance. And I think this is why there were some comments. I wish the could have been more Clios there to show that we can keep up with the big boys. Cheers Tim O.


I went to Elvington earlier in the year on one of those Driving Experience type days (it was a present) - great day out. Anyhow, we got to drive loads of cars including Caterham 7 Fireblade, Porsche 996 Turbo (!!!) and Clio 16v (with quite a few mods!)

Everyone who went there commented that the Clio was their favourite car - it was just the best car for a novice to jump into and have a good thrash in (probably because it was most like their road car?) Ultimately, the Porsche was faster (of course) but not by so much that you couldnt keep in touch with it in the 16v. When the instructors gave demo laps in the 16v they absolutely belted round the track - stunning...

What Im trying to say is that unless the Porsche owner was willing to explore the limits of his/her car fully (which may result in a very expensive accident!), then I can totally believe that you were able to keep up with them (which probably made the feel ill ). Why cant the EVO bods believe it too?

I used to read EVO too... Im so ashamed...