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Emissions light ?

  BMW M3
Hi there,

I realise this may come on with a de-cat etc... but mine has now just come on with my Janspeed sports cat, which i thought they were not meant to do.

Ive had the cat for a good few months or so, but only came on last night when i was fitting my exhaust that Janspeed sent back (un-fixed as well !!! :mad: ) So i was wondering, could this be a wiring fault with something i have moved etc.. or has the cat actually set it off ?

How do i get it rest and also.... how do you know if your cat is the 100 or 200 cell one? As im now guessing its the 100.

  Polo + Micra
yeah my light is on (i got a 100 cell)

i just ignore it doesn't lose it any power.

the only way would to actually look and measure the cell density of the substrate
  BMW M3
Ok... so im guessing ive got the 100 cell one. Not really wanting it on all the time and maybe want a quieter one so might get a 200 cell. Anyone know what the std 182 cat is? I thought i heard someone say its 200, but i thought it was 400.
Std cat is 400 cell.
I have a 100 cell sports cat. Light has been on around 3 times in 20000 miles.
Seems to come on when cruising @70!
Currently on but normally goes out after a number of miles.