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Emissions warning light on 182

  nothing now....
Can anyone help?

I have just bought a Clio 182, 2004, 56K miles.

The car runs absolutly fine, but when the car ticks over at idle in traffic etc the emissions warning light starts to flash. Once i've pulled away and running again the light goes out.

The car does not have the running problems as others have mentioned (lumpy running etc) so is it going to be the coils like others seem to be or could it be a sensor.

anyone have any solutions or the same problem

  a thirsty one
maybe worth having it plugged into a decent diagnostic machine, could be one of your 2 lambda sensors


ClioSport Club Member
Got exactly the same probem with mine.

Been intermittent for around 14months now.

Been to renault, but they could not find anything wrong. :mad: And did not change anything (warranty was coming to an end in a few weeks)

ECU logging it at 'injector misfire detected.'
  Golf GTD Mk7
had a continual emissions light on mine, that came on and off for a bit. Took it in and it was the lambda sensor pre cat i think. Should be covered under warranty.
  Cliosport 182
I've also had the exact same problem, also when idling. I took it to Renault and had them plug it into the diagnostic, only for them to tell me they couldnt find any fault!!..and that cost me 76 quid!!..keep using it!
  nothing now....
cheers everyone, as it's still running fine i'm not too worried at the moment. Its just a pain in the ass when in flashes away for no reason!!
  Clio 182 Trophy. No. 189
Have the same problem during idle (occasionally flashes) - would one of the code readers detect the fault logged?
  Audi TT 3.2
I also have had this same problem! Only flashes when engine fully warmed up and I stop in traffic! Its been like it for 8months now and I just forget about it!
  Clio 182 Trophy. No. 189
Yeah it is annoying, anyone know if this will be recorded so an ODB reader could detect fault?