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Engine Conversion

  Tweaked Leon Cupra R
I would imagine it is any clio, if you could do it yourself you could save a grand!
  Meg on pistonheads £6995
as he said - by the time you add brakes etc. + insurance probs, best go for the real deal!

or if insurance a prob, try chipped dCi (as quick as 1.6 16V)
  Tweaked Leon Cupra R
Yeah i've had a bit of sport against one on a backroad.. he got humped, but i put that down to the coilovers! It seemed a lot more powerful than i thought.
  RB 200 Cup!
dont bother - just save up and get a real 182 then youll have all the nice interior handling etc etc
i would say only go for this if you've done quite alot to you clio like mine, i crashed mine repaired it all and kitted it but the engine wasnt the same so i said fook it and did an engine swap cost me 2.5k then 2 weeks later 500 for a new gbox if i had the choice i wouldnt have gone down that road again but i'm still happy with my choice coz once its turbo'd and i've cut down on all the weight it will be lets say ... quick