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Engine Covers

In PGTI some of the 172s have covers over there engines and I want to know what they are and why my 172 hasnt got 1!

Theres also a 172 there without the cover it goes around the top of the engine block!

Help Im curious!

The covers are approx £70.00 plus vat from Renault and come complete with the oil filler cover. We can supply a color code cover for any of the 172s Cup or otherwise on an exchange basis or outright.
  Clio v6

Yes please Id like a nice heavy duty clear perspex engine cover for mine, even with Hill Power sticker on it.

Well thanks Guys for the Help to save weight are you having a laugh!

My Cup feels slow at the moment best not add too much weight!

N.D Hill what do you mean on an exchange basis?

How much packaging? Are they easy to fit?
  Clio v6

abbs.... I lost the engine cover on my 172 twice, one feel off and the other was broken by a dealer.

They nicked one from a showroom car for me and fitted it in a jiffy, so I guess its an easy job.

I have heard that Hill Powers covers are somewhat more durable. Oh and those Ive seen look very neat.
  Clio 197

Who needs a cover? Does it make your car faster? My money says it is only marginally more effective than the ecotek valve!