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engine keeps cutting out!

  clio mk2
Hi i have a clio mk2 1.4 16v and for ages now it will cut out while im driving and the engine becomes very lumpy to drive. also now everytime i start it it will cut out as soon as i tap the throttle, i have to put my foot down very slowly to keep it running and it sounds like it wants to backfire and it chucks out a load a black stuff out of the exhaust all over the floor? taken it too garages countless times now and no one seems to know what it is so if anyone has any ideas it would be great to hear from you.

  Renault Clio
Fuel pressure? Fuel pump could be on the way out? Exhaust/cat could be blocked up with crap etc or maybe blocked injectors? Just a few ideas dude
  2007 clio dynamique
Have you had the spark plugs out and checked if they all look the same i.e colour , if any are damp etc ?
  clio mk2
Hi, got it sorted. took the tdc sensor out and gave it a clean which has seemed to do the job.