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Engine Management software download

Im not entirely sure, theres a whole chapter about it in the book, but i read it a long time before i installed the software.

You can map the fuel fairly easily by going to the live adjustments screen.

Using the "virtual engine" you can change the settings for throttle position (load site) and rpm (speed site). When the target is on bullseye, you are exactly on a site in the map, at any other time you are not exactly on a site, so the program will interpolate between the sites.

You can trim the ignition by pressing + and -, then enter the number by pressing return. Trim the fuel by pressing 2 and 3. Im not quite sure about the ignition, but you can see how much fuel you should be using by checking the lambda. Does it make sounds? I havent got a soundcard on this computer, if it does i might install it on my home pc.

The best bet is to play about with it and keep saving different versions of your map, so you can always go back.

nope no sounds............

but i wish it had like a graph of torque and power outputs, and different cam profiles you could play with.....then you could see where you goin!!!