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Engine Misfire Clio 3 56plate 1.2 16v Expression

  Clio 3 1.2 16v
Hi all, hope somebody could help me. I have a misfire, a friend connected to laptop it shown misfire in cylinder 2. I got new spark plugs (all 4) he put those in. We got the same as what was there (NGK) nothing changed. So i bought a new ignition coil, he fitted that & still no change. So i have now being driving with this misfire for 2 months. Worse at idle, has struggled to start on about 4 occasions in the 2 months. The smell of petrol is very strong when i have started up. I have had someone give the throttle body a clean too about 3 weeks ago.
EML is either always on or intermittent flashing at times too. Very jumpy at idle, laggy when driving, struggles uphill (even slight ones)
Any tips on what can be wrong? What can be checked? Changed?

Please help, its so bloody frustrating!!


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Sounds like injector if eml is flashing. The op changed everything but them and wasted his money.
  2011 renault clio
Change everything coilpack leads sparkplugs injectors done compression test engine 180psi all 4 cylinders .. im going through wiring down beside gearbox .. dont know what is causing this problem 😐
  Clio 3 1.2 16v
No i was told it was going to be too expensive to fix, so i got a local scrapyard to take it away. Got £241 for it.
  Clio 3 1.2 16v
Jesus! That would never have been an expensive fix when you had good compression. A decent diagnosis rather than the parts cannon would have been a start
The car was starting to cost more, it was my first car, i'd had it 3 years, put loads of miles on it & 1.2 was far too slow 🤣 got an Astra 1.8 sri & so glad i did, i miss the Clio at times but only sentimental being my first car not for anything else...

I had rang a few garages to see if they could have a look at the Clio but was told probably not worth it. Annoyingly it did have quite new tyres & a fair few new parts on it lol..