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Engine Misfire Clio 3 56plate 1.2 16v Expression

  Clio 3 1.2 16v
Hi all, hope somebody could help me. I have a misfire, a friend connected to laptop it shown misfire in cylinder 2. I got new spark plugs (all 4) he put those in. We got the same as what was there (NGK) nothing changed. So i bought a new ignition coil, he fitted that & still no change. So i have now being driving with this misfire for 2 months. Worse at idle, has struggled to start on about 4 occasions in the 2 months. The smell of petrol is very strong when i have started up. I have had someone give the throttle body a clean too about 3 weeks ago.
EML is either always on or intermittent flashing at times too. Very jumpy at idle, laggy when driving, struggles uphill (even slight ones)
Any tips on what can be wrong? What can be checked? Changed?

Please help, its so bloody frustrating!!